Reset Credentials

At the MyGroundBiz Login account, if users have forgotten the MyGroundBiz Login account password, they can easily reset it. Individuals can reset the password by calling 1-855-639-7793 and talk to the official representative of FedEx.

Users will be requested to provide essential data about the MyGroundBiz Login account, such as Email address, contact details, etc. Once users have provided the requested data, change the password and users can now access the MyGroundBiz Login account with the new password.

Change password – When users log in at the portal for the primary time, they will be asked to modify the password.

Passwords must be within 8 and 32 characters long and include at least one number and one special character (or, *, &, !, ?).

They will be asked to change the password of the My Ground Biz Login Account every 90 days for security purposes.
If individuals forgot the password, they can reset it by calling 1-855-NEW-PSWD (1-855-639-7793).

Automatic logout – After 18 minutes of inactivity, a pop-up will request if individuals want to continue. If users do not respond, they will be automatically logged out of the site.

If the MyGroundBiz Login portal client has forgotten their username or password for any reason, don’t worry, they can reset it by dialing 1-855-639-77. Users can speak to the technical team by dialing this number and talking to the FedEx delegate directly.

Users should know that the My Ground Biz Login account password is particularly valid for three months. Therefore, if users encounter a login failure, they must know the validity of the account password. It is extremely recommended that users write down the registration date somewhere so that they can simply know when the account password will terminate.

The MyGroundBiz Login portal is fully accessible to employees and FedEx Surprise and Deliver (R&D) line services inclusive of the clients and customers. To register and create the My Ground Biz Account, users can follow a simple registration process for accessing the portal.