My Ground Biz Account is the part of the that includes all exclusive data about the business with FedEx, inclusive of the billing/fee statements and the relevant others. Visit the official URL by entering in the address bar to access the My Ground Biz Account.

My Ground Biz Login portal offers organization news, blockbuster videos, businessperson links, and a page where individuals can buy and sell vehicles. The MyGroundBiz employee benefits from various resources by registering on this online portal

One of the greatest benefits is that the registered users can get the most advanced updates and particulars on this portal.

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Many individuals in the United States have utilized this MyGroundBiz FedEx Login portal and almost no one of them has any complaints or issues. The My Ground Biz Account offers several benefits to individuals residing in the United States. Hereabouts, in this particular article, let’s have a detailed acknowledgment about the My Ground Biz FedEx platform.

Create Your MyGroundBiz Account Online

To register at the official platform, for business with FedEx Ground, here are the easy steps to follow:-

  • Make sure the device users are utilizing is attached to an active internet connection for the ease of the procedure.
  • Open the installed browser and visit the URL
  • The home page will pop up and users have to find the Create an account tab.
  • Click on this tab to start the process for creating the My Ground Biz Account.
  • Users will be asked to enter their data such as first name, last name, email address, and further to create a password.
  • Deliberately enter the details in the relevant sections.
  • After completing the above step, please tick on the tab “I’m not a robot” box and click the “Create account” option accessible below.
  • Users will receive an email at the entered email address along with a link.
  • Open the email and the email just received from My Ground Biz and click on the link attached with the mail.
  • Individuals will be redirected to a new page, where users will require to give the password users created earlier.
  • After entering the password, click the “Login” tab.
  • Individuals will now be redirected to a page where users can create the profile.
  • Users can also change the password using the “Change password” alternative at the portal.
    individuals can set up alerts by incorporating particulars such as name, type of contractor within pickup and delivery or online transport, every day or weekly rate, and selection of zones.
  • That’s the end! The My Ground Biz Account has been registered on the official MyGroundBiz Login portal.
  • Users will now get email updates and notifications about the classified jobs to the registered email address.

How To Access The MyGroundBiz Login Account?

Users just require to follow some very simple steps to log into the MyGroundBiz Login Account. Check the same below:

  • Open the preferred browser and visit the MyGroundBiz official website of the login portal at
  • Users will be taken to the MyGroundBiz Login account home page, where they will see a login section to enter the data.
  • Now, enter the username and password in the relevant field.
  • Check the entered data and after reviewing the proffered details, press the Connect tab to access the My Ground Biz Account.
  • If all the login credentials are correct, relevant users will be redirected to the My Ground Biz Account home page at
  • Individuals must note that after triumphantly logging into the account, users will be able to access the benefits it offers.
  • My Ground Biz Account is accessible to registered and approved FedEx Ground corporate affiliates.

MyGroundBiz Account Services

When users are ready to join FedEx Ground services, they can easily join one of the subsequent services:

Pickup and Delivery (R&D) – Individuals can become an R&D partner by utilizing delivery vans or small trucks to pick up the packages from shippers and transport them to the local FedEx Ground station. Users can also offer the probability of transport from the relevant destination station for delivery to expert and individual recipients.

Transportation Online – If users are a member of Transportation Online, they will engage in moving FedEx Ground-owned trailers from a particular station to a station or a center to a specific facility and facility to facility through the Highway.

Official NameMyGroundBiz
Access Requirements FedEx ID, Password
Additional Portal DataNews, Updates, Success Stories

Key Notes About MyGroundBiz

All the registered users can reach FedEx Ground customer services through their MyGroundBiz website during business hours directly with the official delegates. Here are some key points to analyze when accessing the portal

  • Users will require to save the data and change the password the first time they access their My Ground Biz Account with the official site.
  • The website is distributed into two distinctive sections: the MyGroundBiz section, which has news and data, vehicle sales, supplier links, and success stories.
  • The next section, the My Ground Biz Account section, incorporates all the data specific to the client business.
  • Invoices or the billing statements, electronic forms are stored within the official borders at the MyGroundBiz Login platform.
  • For security reasons, users must log in to My Ground Biz Account with an identical username and password that hard to crack by any other individual.

Final Words About The MyGroundBiz Login Portal

Mygroundbiz at the official site is a FedEx Affiliate Association where clients can sign up to see the newest news and details on several factors. American clients love this online portal.

This MyGroundBiz FedEx Login portal is greatly secure because it has been made utilizing a high encryption system. FedEx is a successful shipping business in the United States and has branches across the globe.

The officials of the firm assured that the login portal is remarkably user friendly easy to access. If the current users have any issues utilizing this portal, they can eternally contact FedEx customer service without any hesitation.

The users at the official My Ground Biz FedEx portal also experience working with world-class and experienced colleagues all at the online portal. If individuals have any questions or issues with this portal, they can easily reach out to the FedEx representatives to get the relevant assistance.

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