Account Options

When users log in to their FedEx MyGroundBiz Account, they will be requested to edit the account profile. Every user must remember that during the registration procedure, the address, city, zip code, contact number, area of residence, state, etc. were asked which must be entered correctly.

Simply submit the needed profile particulars and click on the update profile. Please note that this MyGroundBiz online portal can solely be utilized by individuals residing in the United States and Canada.

If users think the old password for the MyGroundBiz Login Account is too weak and users want to change it, they can simply do so. If they forget the password for their respective My Ground Biz Account, they can readily change or track it. The password changing procedure takes a few simple steps to change the MyGroundBiz Login Account password.

MyGroundBiz Account Accessible Options

After logging into the Account, relevant users can access the subsequent options and view detailed particulars:

  • News and data
  • Vehicle sales
  • Connections with suppliers
  • Motivational success stories

Proprietary information about the business, such as billing, bank statements, electronic forms, etc. Hereby, at the My Ground Biz Login Account, users generally get all the data on the FedEx portals for the My Ground Biz Account.

For more data, contact MyGroundBiz’s client service representative at 1-800-435-7647 for business hours solely. They can contact the officials Monday through Friday at midnight (ET) and 7 a.m. at 2 p.m. (Eastern Time) Saturdays only.

If users are from the United States, users must be sure to complete the registration process on the official My Ground Biz portal at to get the newest updates and data from FedEx.

In addition to the customary data above, individuals can also have access to a wide variety of specified data specific to their own FedEx account. This can incorporate invoices, fees, and different electronic forms for peculiar management of the account and business.